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You may recognize the simply stunning Catherine Kluthe (pronounced Clue-Thee) as Miss Formula D. This Las Vegas vixen turned drift-queen is often found heating things up trackside across the nation. Her drop-dead gorgeous looks, wild sense of [ … ]

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One look into the eyes of Lisa Fleming is enough to realize that this mischievous little hottie can melt even the coldest heart. Self-described as “Crazy, smart and caring,” Lisa has a little bit of everything to keep her fans happy.

Growing up as an Army brat, Lisa is used to seeing men come t [ … ]

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While our friends to the south generally turn to California for their dream girls, those of us who live north of the 49th parallel know that it is La Belle Province that is truly the home of the most beautiful women in the world. Vanessa Blouin is a prime example of this rule as the Montreal nat [ … ]



"There are so many benefits in this job. The pampering and undivided attention is most enjoyable! (smiles) An exciting lifestyle of independence and absolute freedom from the mundane is a tribute to this game. I also like the fact that I’m able to set my own hours (smiles)."
THE ESS [ … ]

Armed with a seductive smile, endless energy and bangin’ body, the always adorable Alicia Whitten is simply irresistible. Trust us when we say this naughty NOS spokes model is hotter than a California wild fire. You better bring your A-game around her, as we quickly found out this self-confessed [ … ]