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This month’s cover girl definitely proves the saying, ‘Great things come in small packages.’ At 5’ 1”, Jeri Lee has everything you could possibly want in a tight, compact package. Her smoking hot body, warm smile and beautiful eyes almost seem to [ … ]

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The West Coast is filled with lovely ladies and every year men cruise through California to see the sights. So imagine their joy when the sexy Joyce Lex decided to come to American shores and make San Diego, CA her new home.

While Lex has only been a part of the sport compact scene for [ … ]
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Selecting a model for one of PASmag’s eight covers can be a grueling process. It involves hours of scouting at various shows, filtering through tons of emails, dozens of portfolios, and finally deciding whether you should resist an indecent proposal from those very aggressive and creative mode [ … ]
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The Battle of the Coasts, as we like to call it, isn’t limited just to drag racers and show cars. Living proof is CJ Gibson (and her sister, Raquel, but let’s focus here.) Apparently, the large concentration of beaches also lends itself well to growing natural beauties such as these.

One look i [ … ]


Each and every year PAS brings the new “it girl” to SEMA, as we parade this hottie around in front of her adoring fans. Our very own staff have fallen hopelessly in love the super sexy cutie you see here, but trust us if you want a smokin’ hot girlie like Nicolette Lacson you better bring your A-g [ … ]