Rubber Made: Sailun Atrezzo ZS+ Tire Review

Not every car that I have access to is fixed up. Being near my mid 30s, I know a lot of people who have stock cars just because they are more practical. But practical and stock don’t have to equal boring. Like this Mitsubishi Evolution X (yes, [ … ]

Rubber Mae: Toyo Tires Proxes R1R Review

It seems like I have an arsenal of all-wheel drive sport compact cars at my disposal as of late. Don’t be jealous- none of them really belong to me. This 2009 Mitsubishi Evolution X MR has been the DC Sports demo car for the past couple of year [ … ]


Toyo Tires are well known for their Ultra High Performance offerings in a wide range of products. Because they have a reputation for constantly improving their products, we knew the introduction of any new tire would raise the bar for performa [ … ]

The Open Tune 2 (OT-2) is an ALL-IN-1 Performance Meter and OBD-II Code Reader is a new product from performance electronics company, Innovate Motorsports.


Have you ever wanted to turn your iPhone or smartphone into a wireless gauge display, performance meter and OBII card reader? Well, this technology is available for your car today and Innovate Motorsports has given you yet another reason to use [ … ]

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As a follow-up to our successful Part I of the PAS Ultra High Performance Tire Test 2010 we now have results. On the second track day we tested four tires on two cars but two are still yet to be release [ … ]

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After a load of great response to our second annual tire test, it was once again time to round up the latest rubber and see how they stack up on a race track and in real world conditions. We selected so [ … ]

Everyone reading PAS wants to go fast. It’s human nature to want to chase one goal and not really consider other factors that need to be looked after in order to keep everything in check. It’s all about balance and next to the brakes one of the most [ … ]


There isn’t much left to be desired for BMW braking power from the factory. Right out of the box, the systems are capable of stopping these flying sport sedans and coupes in a hurry without the need for expensive multi-piston systems. Known as t [ … ]

You can add all of the right parts to your ride but if you aren’t going to tune it properly you might as well just throw your money away. Sure, some stock ECUs will learn the basic upgrades like intake and exhaust in order to maximize them, but they’ [ … ]