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Shuriken Power Cells


Power Cells

Shuriken Power Cells are engineered for today’s high performance mobile audio systems. Utilizing Shuriken’s Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology these rechargeable power cells can be mounted in any position and will not leak. These power cells are extremely resistant to excessive heat and strong vibration. They can be discharged and recharged hundreds of times. With super-low ESR and closely packed pure lead plates, each Power Cell packs a punch. Some Shuriken power cells can provide the winning edge needed for SPL systems and they can also provide consistent back up power for all car electronics.
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Odyssey Batteries by EnerSys


Batteries by EnerSys®

Featuring rugged construction and packed tightly with 99.99% pure lead plates, the deep-cycle, non-spillable AGM ODYSSEY® Battery by EnerSys® offers the extreme power and mounting flexibility that today’s high-wattage, in-car sound and video systems demand. ODYSSEY batteries are capable of providing engine cranking pulses in excess of 2250 amps for 5 seconds, and can handle 400 charge-discharge cycles up to 80% depth of discharge. The extreme combination of power and performance makes ODYSSEY batteries perfect for a range of applications, including automotive/LTV, marine, commercial and powersports.

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Scosche Dclamp

Scosche DCLAMP

Competition Battery Clamp

The DCLAMP Competition battery clamp features compression wedge technology that enables tremendous torque with little effort.  Additionally, the DCLAMP includes a patent-pending signature jump start attachment to prevent marring of the unit. The clamp also features two 0 or 4 AWG and two 8 AWG outputs with EZ-insert profiles, a negative terminal adapter, interchangeable polarity markers, and a durable polycarbonate protective cover.  The DCLAMP features the highest grade materials, EZ-insert dual gauge wire inputs/outputs and impact resistant polycarbonate covers.

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Xstatic Model 3000 BatCap


Model 3000 Batcap

Xstatic is proud to announce their new and improved Model 3000 Batcap battery with heavy duty terminals. Features include a 90 Amp hour rating with low internal resistance for exceedingly high power performance. The Model 3000 weighs approximately 65 lbs. and the dimensions are 12” long, 6.8” wide and 9” tall. It can be mounted in any orientation thanks to its sealed design. This extraordinary battery is low maintenance and can provide extreme power to get your system and your vehicle cranking!
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XS Power High Frequency Chargers


High Frequency Chargers

XS Power’s  high Frequency (HF) charging technology for AGM batteries provides a faster charge than conventional chargers, while also offering improved sulfation protection. XS Power has released 3 models, (12V, 14V and 16V). All these models feature their Intellicharger smart-charge technology, providing safe, reliable and rapid charging with built-in microprocessor monitoring, while weighing only 3.25 lbs in an ultra-compact case. This 3-stage process includes a float (or maintenance) mode, which allows the charger to also function as a battery maintainerand prevents accidental over-charging.  High quality, durable cables and clamps are built in.

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Kinetik HC Power Cells


HC Power CelL

Kinetik, “The Original Power Cells” are engineered for today’s high performance needs. Kinetik is the go to brand for the top audio, marine and powersports competitors as well as enthusiasts.  From the loudest car in the world 7 years running to Indy 500 winners, our low ESR and high energy density make Kinetik Power Cells the most powerful, reliable and compact power cells on the market today.  With 10 vibration and heat resistant models from 600 watts all the way up to 3,800 watts of pure power output, Kinetik has the perfect size for your needs.

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XS Power D1400


D1400  - 14V Battery

Not quite ready for 16V, but still want to step up to more power? Then XS Power’s new 14V AGM Battery is just for you! This battery is perfect for car audio enthusiasts and racers alike. The added voltage provides a little extra jolt for amplifiers, ignition, or other electrical accessories, while still being safe for most sensitive equipment. They come in a rugged Group 34 ABS case design that features reinforced side walls for extra durability, as well as integrated buss-amperage rails (I-BAR for short) that allows for the terminal configuration of your choice.

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Stinger Power Series SPP2250


Power Series SPP2250

Seriously kick-butt mobile audio systems require some seriously kick-butt power. That’s why the guys at Stinger created the SPP2250: the world’s most powerful mobile audio battery. This titan of a power cell boasts some heavy-duty stats, including: PHCA of 2,250 amps at 80°F (5 seconds), PCCA of 1,420 amps at 0°F (5 seconds), 6,000+ watts, 120 amp hours, a reserve capacity of 273 minutes, and short circuit current of 5,000 amps. Plus, the SPP2250’s AGM technology and sealed, non-spill construction make it capable of handling any job or any installation imaginable. For more visit

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Kinetik HC Power Cell Accessories


HC Power Cell Accessories

Kinetik HC Power Cell accessories include a unique 2-Piece Design power top post and ring connector, side-post adapters that allow our top post design to easily work with a side mount setup and custom designed mounting cases to perfectly fit your Kinetik HC Power Cells for mounting in customized solutions. For more visit

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