Eurolite Replacement Xenon Headlight Bulbs


The latest generation of Xenon Crystal bulb has achieved up to a 4100°K (Kelvin) color temperature combined with approximately a 30-40% increase in lumen output over the current models. Toucan has achieved this feat of optical engineering by fine tuning three processes in manufacturing. A unique mixture of gasses including Krypton as well as Xenon, adding the latest in coating technology and modifications to the glass annealing process combined in a synergistic manner to yield the final result. Two series available: SB series with a Super Blue light and the XB series with a Hyper White light, available in models from H1 to H13, 9004-9007.

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Eurolite LED Daytime Running & Accent Lighting


Utilizing the latest LED technology Eurolite has developed Daytime Running lights to produce the Euro look in any ride. Powered by 5 high power LEDs these accent lights can be hooked into the daytime running circuit or the turn signal circuit for different striking effects. Curved profile makes them easy to incorporate into most bumpers and grilles. Wiring harness and switch included. Update and give your ride that Euro look today with the brightest LED accent lighting available from Eurolite. Visit your local Eurolite retailer for more information.

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LEDGlow Million Color Underbody / Interior Kit


LEDGlow’s 6 piece million color underbody and interior kit is jam-packed with an assortment of features at an affordable price. This lighting kit consists of a four piece multi-colored undercar light kit conjoined with a two piece multi color interior light set. This lighting system was designed to illuminate your vehicle's interior and exterior while allowing the user to control the entire lighting scheme of their vehicle from a single wireless remote. Available on the kit are 18 solid colors that combine to mix up a million possible color combinations using one of the color pattern modes.



SuperBrightLEDs - Tower Type Tail Light Bulbs

Featuring Next Generation High Power SMD LEDs these bulbs work great in most stock tail light housings. With 15 LEDs mounted radially, along with 3 forward firing LEDs, these bulbs emit light similar to a standard incandescent bulb that fills out the entire housing without any focused hotspots. Longer lifetimes up to 50,000 hours, faster on/off response time, and resistance to vibration make them a perfect alternative for standard filament bulbs. The 1156/1157-x18-T and 3156/3157-x18-T bulbs come in Red, Amber and White and are available along with a large selection of other automotive LED bulbs and LED accent lighting solutions.



Nokya Pro-Halogens

For over 15 years, Nokya Pro-Halogen’s have been available to automotive performance enthusiasts throughout the world. Nokya bulbs produces a “Euro-style” HID type appearance, and are available in over 20 different bulb applications in 4 different color temperatures. Both stock and high wattage options are also available.



Hold everyone’s gaze with Street Glow XtraSlim edge light LED strips. Two flexible strips of ultra bright LEDs accent your headlight perfectly. Measuring 19 inches in length, 30 ultra-bright LED each strips for maximum visibility. Includes easy to use adhesive backing with simple 2-wire hook-up which may be trimmed to desired size. Available in white, blue, red and amber.

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These cool white and super bright LED fog lights offer an ultra slim design with adjustable metal bracket and IP-67 waterproof rating. These can also be used as daytime running lights for safety and offer lower power consumption than standard stock bulbs, lasting up to 50,000 hours.

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