GReddy RS Race 02

Designed to target track racers, but also offer budget-mined tuners high quality at an economical price; the GPP RS-RACE exhaust line is engineered for absolute performance, with quality construction, at a minimal price point. The RS-RACE systems offer a deep exhaust note with our most aggressive sound emissions. The RS-RACE does not sacrifice the quality, fitment or construction, which GPP is known for. All RS-RACE have precision hand welds and even include our removable Tri-bolt RS tip.

GReddy RS Race 01 GReddy RS Race 03

This is a GPP USA-spec exhaust line

MSRP: $499.00

GReddy RS Race 04 GReddy RS Race 05

GReddy RS Race 06 GReddy RS Race 07

Kelford Camshafts

Kelford Cams announces their new line of Honda K Series camshafts. The newest addition being Kelford’s K20/24 turbocharger camshafts, with low overlap and high response. Since early 1990’s Kelford Cams has recognized the growing worldwide…
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Project BMW 330Ci: HSD Coilovers and Sprint Booster Install

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VP Racing Fuels VP100 is a street legal unleaded performance fuel. VP100 is specifically engineered for high-performance street cars, exotics, sport compacts, muscle cars, street rods and vehicles requiring premium fuels in excess of 91…
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