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Injen Cold Air Intake: 2012 Honda Civic Si

Remember how easy performance modification was back in the OBD-1 or pre-OBD days? Slapping an intake on your '95 Civic's non-MAF-equipped engine resulted in power increases you could actually feel. Well, the moment we took our 2012 Civic Si for a spin after installing Injen's tuned cold-air intake system we noticed something odd for a brand-new car with an aftermarket intake – no check-engine lights, no weird vibrations from parts that don't fit and, most importantly, power and torque we can actually feel!

Yes, the 2012 Honda Civic Si is equipped with the venerable K24 engine that Honda has been using in so many of its models over the past decade. But, fitting one in the bay of the '12 Si did require Honda to tweak the intake plumbing and re-calibrate the engine management system. Fortunately, based on decades of its intake-fabricating experience, Injen has built and tuned a cold-air performance replacement that delivers just the type of exacting performance you've come to expect from the brand.

Part of the secret lies in the unit's dry-media cylindrical filter and internal velocity stack. But, more has to do with its slightly unorthodox appearance that merges different diameters of TIG-welded, mandrel-bent lightweight aluminum tubing into a perfect-fitting system that optimizes the velocity of incoming air drawn from in front of the engine where it's the coolest, most dense and ideal for making power. Injen calls it “MR Technology” and “Air Fusion.”All we care about is that it works.

Injen Cold Air Intake: 2012 Honda Civic Si Injen Cold Air Intake: 2012 Honda Civic Si

In an independent test with a 2012 Civic Si, the Injen cold-air intake produced positive increases across the entire powerband with top-end gains of nearly 14 whp and 11 lb-ft of torque. Even larger gains were seen at points throughout the mid-range.

Installation isn't a quick process, but it's not difficult thanks to detailed instructions included with every order (our advice is to follow them) along with all the necessary hardware and manufacturer's warranty information. Once you've finished installing the system and find yourself out-running your stock brethren, you'll have the satisfaction of being able to say you even got your hand s a bit dirty. The whole system even looks good too and is available in your choice of polished aluminum or powder-coated metallic black. Impressive, even by yesterday's standards.