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Much like the Japanese companies have done in decades past, the Koreans… more specifically, Hankook has been making serious progress with performance and competition tires. When it comes to price-to-performance ratio, Hankook has ranked high in recen [ … ]
IMG_3731_optIn 2006, HorsepowerFreaks (HPF) turned the BMW performance world upside down with the worlds first turbocharged E46 M3. Since then, they haven’t stopped for a second, releasing stage after stage of awe-inspiring turbo systems. Enthusiast My Tran and his 2006 BMW M3 are the second recipients of HPF’s [ … ]
IMG_0092_optGrowing up we’ve all heard our parents say it’s what’s inside that counts! Well, I guess that’s true if you are referring to the remote-mount STS Turbo system and a stampede of 400 raging ponies under the hood of our 350Z! But this wolf in sheep’s clothing project car was indeed in need of an extrem [ … ]
IMG_5811_optDo one thing and do it well. That’s the advice I’ve always been given. If you look around our industry, there are many great companies out there firmly focused on their core business and perfecting their craft. Case in point, Specialty Products Company (SPC Performance). They carved out their reputa [ … ]
hood_optThe Timeline:

Rewind about ten years ago and carbon fiber was for real race cars only. You almost needed an 8-figure budget just to get it right. If you knew someone that had carbon fiber bits on their car, they were considered a mega-baller because even wet carbon fiber was ultra-expensive. Carbon [ … ]