Support the Cause in 2020: Annual Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals Benefits Driven to Cure

Support the Cause in 2020: Annual Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals Benefits Driven to Cure

Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals event weekend has, in some form or another, been taking place in May annually since 1986. With 2020 offering the 35th edition of this international automotive celebration in Carlisle, guests who attend now have a chance to benefit a great cause, all while enjoying the cars, the people and the excitement. For the first time ever at the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds, instead of a presenting sponsor supporting the event, the event is supporting the sponsor so to speak. From May 15-17, the Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals benefit Driven to Cure!

Since the car community is such a tight-knit group, they often come together to support “one of their own” in times of need. That solidarity will be on display with the aforementioned partnership and benefit car show in May in Carlisle. Founded by car enthusiast Andrew Lee, DTC is a non-profit 501(c3) established to help raise awareness and provide funding for the research of rare kidney cancers like Hereditary Leiomyomatosis and Renal Cell Cancer (HLRCC) in children and young adults. Andrew passed away on Easter Sunday, April 21, 2019 after a long and courageous battle. Despite his passing, the cause forges on with events, fundraisers, etc. and has raised $600,000 in three years for research.

So, how can Import & Performance Nationals showgoers help? At the May event in Carlisle, DTC will be onsite hosting a show within the show. More so, their showcase serves as the OFFICIAL memorial for Andrew, just over a year after his passing. By doing so, their mix of cars and excitement for Andrew and the hobby he loved so much will be a must-see within Building Y. Plus, while checking out the cars, guests can also meet folks inspired by Andrew. This includes friends, family and fellow car lovers. In addition, Andrew’s car, a customized Nissan GT-R complete with a personalized license plate that reads F CANCR will be the centerpiece attraction. The car was supported by BASF during its time at SEMA, Liberty Walk made a replica model of it and the DTC cause gained so much traction that following Andrew’s passing, he received a moment of remembrance at the 2019 Paul Walker Memorial Ride in Canada.

Prior to his passing, Andrew noted the following: “My GT-R has proven to be the closest thing I have to a cure for my cancer. Driving the GT-R has become a tremendous outlet for me. The places I have gone, the people I have met and the passions I have developed just because of this gift have become the best medicine available.

Carlisle Events takes great pride year in and year out by giving back,” noted Carlisle Events co-owner Lance Miller. “This year will be extremely special due to Andrew and Driven to Cure evolving around the automotive hobby. Two great friends introduced me to Bruce, Andrew’s father from DTC and upon our first meeting we knew we had the perfect ingredients for a wonderful way to showcase DTC and even more so, to provide a nice backdrop for a memorial for Andrew as part of our May event,” continued Miller. “Andrew started Driven to Cure to help others. He poured his passion into helping others. We at Carlisle Events want to honor his legacy and help his mission. What better way to do so than to pay tribute to an amazing person that was taken away from this earth way too early. Please join us to celebrate Andrew’s life during the 2020 Import & Performance Nationals event starting May 15, 2020 as we support DTC.

Event details, including information on the DTC show and how to support it can be found at

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