Arc Audio X2 Amplifiers Are Now Shipping

Arc Audio X2 Amplifiers Are Now Shipping
The entire line of X2 Amplifiers are NOW SHIPPING including the monster X2 2500.1 Sub amplifier!

Innovation and creativity are special engineering traits often losing out to marketing and price in car amplifier design. However, when they are placed at the top of the priority list of design points and matched with raw power, quality, reliability, overall performance and sonic purity, the result is some- thing that leaves most any listener in a new level of awe with sonic bliss.

If you have been or currently are an owner of the XDi V2 series amplifiers, then hold on to your seats. The new X2 amplifier series is the newest and updated version of this proven high efficiency Class-D amplifier technology giving you the most dynamic and sonically accurate performance available on the market.

Check out the power and quality of the ARC Audio X2 Series amplifiers!

Also for those high power fanatics out there we are NOW SHIPPING the monster X2 2500.1 amplifier. This beast is the ultimate compliment to dynamic power and quality even at insane listening levels. The X2 2500.1 is in stock NOW and shipping to authorized brick and mortar retailers nearest to you.

For more details check out our website or check out the X2 product spotlight at HERE.

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