BOSS Audio Systems Announces The BVCP9685A Head-Unit

BOSS Audio Systems Announces The BVCP9685A Head-Unit
Apple CarPlay/Android Auto Car Multimedia Head Unit for only $249.99

BOSS Audio Systems (, a leader and innovator in 12-volt aftermarket audio and video products, is proud to announce the BVCP9685A, a double-DIN head unit with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Now available online and soon to be available at nationwide retailers, the BVCP9865A comes with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and a sharp, responsive 6.75 capacitive touchscreen. This MECH-LESS multimedia player lets drivers enjoy on-screen navigation, phone calls, messages, and a wide range of music and phone apps.

“As smartphones become an essential part of people’s day to day life, a great car stereo that can talk with your smartphone is extremely important to keep consumers connecting seamlessly,” said Doug Kern, VP of Sales and Marketing. “The BVCP9685A is our newest in-dash version of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and it shows BOSS Audio Systems’ commitment to leading the market with high demand products featuring connectivity and driver safety. Our products go through a formal certification process and we are proud to launch full featured, affordable quality choices for our consumers.”

The BVCP9685A boasts 80 Watts x 4 Max Power and allows a range of incoming data sources, including Bluetooth/USB, MP3, WMA, FM/AM, and digital media from smart phones. Smart features like rear camera and steering wheel control inputs (interface module sold separately) along with multi-color illumination options make this multimedia workhorse a great addition to the aftermarket audio marketplace.

The BVCP9865A is first in a range of CarPlay/Android Auto products that continues BOSS Audio Systems’ 2019 expanding product line’s focus on high quality and next level technology at an extremely affordable price.

  • MSRP: $249.99
  • Available Now on Amazon
BVCP9685A Features:
  • Apple CarPlay & Android Auto
  • Connect your iPhone or Android smart phones to get directions, make calls, send and receive messages, and listen to music or audio books.
  • Bluetooth enabled for wireless hands-free calling and speaker listening when paired with a smartphone. Wirelessly stream audio via Bluetooth to listen to streaming music services such as Amazon Prime Music and Pandora and control the track & volume up/down and play/pause using smartphone apps.
  • Steering Wheel Controls & Rear-View Camera input supported
  • Control this unit using the vehicle's existing steering wheel control buttons or rear-view camera. An additional interface (sold separately) is required.
  • USB Port
  • Supports USB flash drive files up to 32 GB for music playback on units without monitors and music, photo and video playback on units with monitors.
  • 6.75 Capacitive Touchscreen Control
  • Capacitive Touchscreen display panel with an innovative graphic interface for touch control of many of this unit's features and functions. The shallower body (5.3” depth) allows for an easier installation process, giving you more space to do proper wiring.
  • USB Charging
  • Charge USB connected devices through the built-in 1A charger.
  • Aux Input
  • Connect to the audio output of an external device such as an MP3 Player or Smartphone.
  • Multi-Color Illumination Options
  • Program the BVCP9685A’s lights to match your personal taste.

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