Roadgear By Rydeen Mobile Electronics Announces Latest Blind Spot Product With Backup Camera Built-In

Roadgear By Rydeen Mobile Electronics Announces Latest Blind Spot Product With Backup Camera Built-In
Rydeen Mobile Electronics is proud to announce the all new Roadgear RBC1 advanced second-generation radar blind spot detection system with built in rearview camera.

The system can be installed on any passenger or commercial vehicle, offering superior safety with state-of-the-art protection in today’s driving environment!

The Roadgear RBC1 Radar Blind Spot Detection System with backup camera uses microwave radar technology with highly accurate Doppler effect sensing for distances of up to 35 feet for detecting objects within the driver’s blind spot. This microwave system provides the driver a flash warning when there are vehicles approaching either in the driver's left or right blind spot. Advanced second-generation radar sensors within the unit provide much more accuracy than previous ultrasonic based sensor solutions from other companies. The system also uses GPS to initiate the operation above speeds ranging from 5/10/15/20 MPH that is user selectable, thus eliminating potential faulty alerts in slow moving environments such as parking lots. Unlike other systems, the RBC1 requires no drilling or removal of a vehicles bumper for installation. RBC1 installs on the top or bottom of a vehicle’s license plate. The unit has an alloy metal frame that holds two microwave radar sensors, with a waterproof plastic housing and a built in high dynamic range rearview camera. This system will also work on vehicles with metal bumpers, giving millions of vehicles the additional coverage needed. Trucks and commercial vehicles with metal panels that never had an option for aftermarket blind spot systems before can now take advantage of this advanced technology. In addition, the system includes an advanced algorithm for cross traffic detection--perfect for use in parking spots when cars are quickly approaching while backing up!

The RBC1 features include:

  • Second generation doppler effect radars sensors that are immune to the adverse effects of temperature, weather and road conditions to provide maximum safety.
  • Reverse cross traffic protection for backing out of parking spaces.
  • GPS functionality to eliminate false alerts in slow moving conditions.
  • Audible and visual alerts for vehicles within the drivers “Blind Spot”
  • Dynamic range rear view camera for a better total view while backing up.
  • The only solution for trucks and commercial vehicles where other blind spot systems are not an option due to metal panels and sensor position options.
  • Seamless integration in a totally self-contained unit for ease of installation.
  • Expert tech support from Rydeen’s dedicated support staff.

Rydeen Mobile Electronics, a manufacturer of Roadgear products for the automotive aftermarket, will be exhibiting at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, LVCC North Hall Booth #5606. For more information on Roadgear & Rydeen’s featured products, visit us at and

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