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Power Bass M-124D Subwoofer
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On The Bench

The next morning I removed the woofer from the enclosure and took it to the bench to measure the Thiele-Small parameters. With the coils in parallel, I’m happy to report that my data matched the published data easily within the normal tolerances seen in loudspeakers. This means that for those of you who prefer to use a computer program to estimate enclosure design performance, the data you get from the manual should yield the expected results, which all too often is not the case. After the woofer had had a few hours of use, I measured it’s resonant frequency to be 25Hz, and the rest of the parameters show that the woofer will work quite well in either a sealed or vented application, but my listening session has me sold on the vented application. 


This was the first PowerBass woofer I’ve had a chance to listen to in quite some time, and I came away very pleased with the performance. For a relatively modest price, the M-124D sounded very good, handled everything I threw at it in terms of power, and for me, it has that fat, round sound that you can only get from a good paper cone. You bass and guitar players out there will understand exactly what I’m talking about here. If you like your bass to play loud and sound good doing it, check out the M series woofers from PowerBass. Maybe you’ll wake up your neighbors too!
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