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Fast Kenny: Kenny Moen's Achilles Tire S14

Written by Jacob Leveton | Photography by Jacob Leveton

Since his entry into Formula Drift in 2011, “Fast” Kenny Moen has been good, but his old drift chassis kept him from being great. Driving the exact same Nissan 350Z chassis that too [ … ]

Legends: Neil Tjin of Tjin Edition

Written by Micky Slinger / Photography by Icon Media, Gene Tjin, Jacob Leveton, Phillip Awad, Shaun Keenan, & Neil Tjin

Special edition, limited edition, collector’s edition – these are all terms that can be used in just about any en [ … ]

Slayin' Trax - Ken Block's Raptortrax Shreds Mountains

Written by Micky Slinger / Photography by Hoonigan

If there is one person out there who is game for just about anything, Ken Block makes the cut. This adrenaline junkie is well known around the world for doing the sickest skids this side of eve [ … ]

No Hood,No Care

Written by Micky Slinger / Photography by KC Image, Michael Watson

A lot of tuners have been seen at shows, meets and, on occasion, on the road driving without a hood. This not only helps in showcasing your engine (and/or swap), turbo/supercharger, [ … ]

Mini TJIN Edition Fit PASMAG 10

Written by Micky Slinger / Photography by Gene Tjin & Honda

With the 2015 Honda Fit being so new and not having the aftermarket support of a seasoned chassis, most SEMA exhibitors kept their Fits fairly safe. If you wanted to see what could real [ … ]

DMCC 2104 Champion: Jeff Laflamme

Written by Jeremy Alan Glover / Photos by Jeremy Alan Glover
This year the race for the overall championship was not only one of the most exciting ones yet but was also the closest championship battle the series has ever seen. At the last round o [ … ]

DMCC 2014 Rookie of the Year: Jonathan Guitard

Written by Jeremy Alan Glover | Photos by Jeremy Alan Glover

Unlike the battle for the 2014 DMCC Championship, the battle for the 2014 DMCC Rookie of the year was a little bit less eventful. Jonathan Guitard dominated the ROTY race and after on [ … ]

Big Country: Complete Customs Ford F-250

Written by Jordan Lenssen | Photos by Dale Martin

McKinney, Texas has a rich history in the Lone Star state. Incorporated in 1848, it’s positioned in the north side, just 30 miles from Dallas, where the fertile land made it the perfect po [ … ]

PASMAG StanceWI OnPointMotorsports Mazda RX7 Rocket Bunny LS Swap front low

Written by Randi Bentia / Photography by Ray Flores

Spotted at Stance WI: After Dark at Miller Park Stadiium in Milwaukee, WI, On Point Motorsports brought out their LSx swapped Mazda RX-7. This RX-7 helped to debut the first RX-7 Rocket Bunny body [ … ]

PASMAG JDM Simplicity LEVELone Acura NSX Fitted Honda Mugen front high

Written by Randi Bentia / Photography by Randi Bentia

I know when I get excited about a car - I take 50+ photos to try to get the best angles. I'm no "photographer" by any means but I do enjoy taking pictures of something I like or will talk about i [ … ]