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Import Face-Off: Montgomery, AL

FWD presented by SPEC clutches and flywheels


Winner – Matt Stover – Rome, GA – 9.95 @ 143.42


R/U – Jason Koehler – Macon, GA – 11.032 @ 100.59


Forced Induction Pro presented by


Winner – David Den [ … ]

Import Face-Off: Dinnwiddie, VA


IMPORT FACE-OFF: Virginia Motorsports Park – 10/30/11

FWD presented by SPEC clutches and flywheels

Winner – Rick Everly – Pasadena, MD – ’92 Civic – 9.49 @ 160.65


R/U – Brandon Settlemyre – Hickory, NC – ’94 Civic - BROKE


Forced Induction Pro presented by [ … ]

SEMA Show 2011 - Las Vegas Convention Centre

Once a year, Las Vegas the playground of the western hemisphere, hosts one of the largest car shows on the planet known as the SEMA Show. As we are every year, Team PASMAG was in the desert metropolis to cover the latest and greatest cars and products the automotive aftermarket industry has to off [ … ]

Import Face-Off: Baytown, TX

7TH annual Baytown, TX IMPORT FACE-OFF: Royal Purple Raceway

Aaron Lopez from San Antonio, TX won the FWD class presented by SPEC clutches and flywheels.  He ran a 9.49 @ 157.59 mph with his Black, H22 Honda Civic Hatch.  Aaron is now in the lead for the 2011 Overall Points Championshi [ … ]

Import Face-Off: Gainsville, FL

3rd annual Gainesville, Florida IMPORT FACE-OFF: October 16th, 2011


Yet another IFO with increased attendance from all previous years.  Thank you to all the fans for the continuous support.


Even without a working 2nd gear, David Penton from Winter Haven, FL (black Toyota Sup [ … ]