16 Shaun Hawkins 2011 Hyundai Genesis PASMAG

Shaun Hawkins was originally in the market for a Hyundai Genesis coupe, but a test drive left him feeling underwhelmed by the car’s mild power. He test-drove the sedan model on a whim shortly after, and fell in love with the V8 and the added interior luxuries of the 2011 Hyundai Genesis sedan.

07 Shaun Hawkins 2011 Hyundai Genesis PASMAG

The price was right, and Hawkins bought it on the spot. His original plans to keep things simple with air suspension and wheels were gone as soon as he discovered VIP car culture, and it was game on from there.

12 Shaun Hawkins 2011 Hyundai Genesis PASMAG 14 Shaun Hawkins 2011 Hyundai Genesis PASMAG

Not wanting to be one of those guys who drops their car off at the shop and picks it up when it’s done, Hawkins made sure that he was there at the shop almost every day assisting with the curring, measuring, sanding, and everything in between.

02 Shaun Hawkins 2011 Hyundai Genesis PASMAG

04 Shaun Hawkins 2011 Hyundai Genesis PASMAG

With his sights set on a full VIP build, he learned a lot in his friend’s shop during the transformation process. Despite being a complete show build, the Genesis also maintains its daily drivability, which is something Hawkins takes pride in.

09 Shaun Hawkins 2011 Hyundai Genesis PASMAG

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Owner: Shaun Hawkins
Location: Charlottesville, VA
Vehicle: 2011 Hyundai Genesis

Facebook: PUREGP500
Instagram: @pure_kdm

03 Shaun Hawkins 2011 Hyundai Genesis PASMAG

Luxury Abstract Grassor-C wheels – 20x11 -30 (f), 20x13 -50 (r)
Toyo Proxes 4 Plus tires – 245/35/20 (f), 295/30/10 (r)

11 Shaun Hawkins 2011 Hyundai Genesis PASMAG

Airforce air suspension

01 Shaun Hawkins 2011 Hyundai Genesis PASMAG

OTEM front and side lip kit
Custom metal widebody
PRADA headlights
Custom molded Kia K5 fog lights
Rolls Royce St James red pearlescent paint

10 Shaun Hawkins 2011 Hyundai Genesis PASMAG

Diamond-stitched leather interior and tables

Richness Brand Clothing, Tire King, Elite Auto Body Sacramento, Thirsty Fish Designs

13 Shaun Hawkins 2011 Hyundai Genesis PASMAG 05 Shaun Hawkins 2011 Hyundai Genesis PASMAG

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