12 Kyle Pearson 2004 VW Jetta PASMAG TBGLIVE

Kyle Pearson has held a particular affinity for the Mk4 Jetta since he owned his first VW back when he was just 17 years old. “I chose this vehicle because my previous vehicle was a Mk4 Jetta as well, and it was taken from me in an unfortunate situation that was beyond my control,” he tells us. “I never got to finish that build, and so I vowed to come back with another MK4 Jetta bigger and better than my last one.”

20 Kyle Pearson 2004 VW Jetta PASMAG TBGLIVE

With intentions to follow up on a vision he had, he set out to modify his new 2004 Jetta GLI. His obsession with modifying cars started where many other young enthusiasts catch the modification bug from – the Fast and Furious and Need for Speed franchises.

11 Kyle Pearson 2004 VW Jetta PASMAG TBGLIVE

“After experiencing both of those, you could say I was bitten by the “building” bug. I went through a few different phases in my younger years and made some pretty poor decisions with previous vehicles,” he laughs. “but just as your taste buds change over time, your taste for vehicles will change as well.”

18 Kyle Pearson 2004 VW Jetta PASMAG TBGLIVE

Keeping things simple and clean, Pearson had the car painted in Mercedes-Benz Dolomitbraun Metallic paint, a paint that stands out on the showroom floor, but still maintains some civility on the street.

08 Kyle Pearson 2004 VW Jetta PASMAG TBGLIVE

He also opted for wheels of the Japanese variety, tucking some Work Meister SR1s to the fender with the help of Air Lift Performance’s Slam Series XL up front, and a combination of Koni FSD shocks and Firestone F9000 air sleeves in the rear.

16 Kyle Pearson 2004 VW Jetta PASMAG TBGLIVE

Inspired by other VW builders around the world, Pearson has been working non-stop to change things up and take part in his local scene. “This is an amazing scene to be a part of, and I have enjoyed every moment of being a “car guy”. I have met many strangers who have become friends, and friends who have become family,” he writes to us. “Aside from the small number of exceptions, that’s what this scene is about.” We couldn’t have said it any better.

PAS 2018 150 Aug Sept Cover web

Kyle Pearson's 2004 Volkswagen Jetta GLI is featured in PASMAG #150

Owner: Kyle Pearson
Vehicle: 2004 Volkswagen Jetta GLI
Location: Georgetown, ON
Engine: Volkswagen AWP 1.8L I4
Horsepower: 263 whp
Torque: 302 lb-ft

Facebook: Kyle Pearson
Twitter: @fkndubn
Instagram: @fkndubbin

06 Kyle Pearson 2004 VW Jetta PASMAG TBGLIVE

K03s turbocharger
ECS Tuning intercooler
034 Motorsports hoses
Audi TT 710P BOV
K&N air filter
Forge air intake
Bosch 383cc injectors
NGK spark plugs
Audi R8 coils
Doman8 Performance Tuning stage 2 tune

07 Kyle Pearson 2004 VW Jetta PASMAG TBGLIVE

42 Draft Designs
Eurospot down-pipe
Magnaflow exhaust tip
High-flow cat

15 Kyle Pearson 2004 VW Jetta PASMAG TBGLIVE

Southbend (stage 2 clutch, aluminum flywheel)
Quaife LSD

09 Kyle Pearson 2004 VW Jetta PASMAG TBGLIVE

Work Meister SR1 wheels – 18x9 +22 (f/r)
Sailun Atrezzo tires – 215/35/18 (f/r)

01 Kyle Pearson 2004 VW Jetta PASMAG TBGLIVE

Air Lift Performance Slam Series XL air suspension
Koni FSD rear shocks
Firestone F9000 rear air sleeves
ECS Tuning polyurethane bushings
C-notched frame

13 Kyle Pearson 2004 VW Jetta PASMAG TBGLIVE

GLI (valences, skirt kit)
Euro shaved front rubstrip
DEPO projector headlights
Mercedes-Benz Dolomitbraun Metallic paint
LED lighting

02 Kyle Pearson 2004 VW Jetta PASMAG TBGLIVE 04 Kyle Pearson 2004 VW Jetta PASMAG TBGLIVE

Mk5 GTI shift knob
NRG (short hub, 2.0 quick release)
Project Feint custom brown leather steering wheel
Crown Royal Northern Harvest shift boot
NewSouth Performance gauges
Steering column gauge pod
Konig R32 bucket seats
C-pillar strut brace
Brushed aluminum City Jetta vents
Custom plywood truck setup

05 Kyle Pearson 2004 VW Jetta PASMAG TBGLIVE

JVC touchscreen head unit
Rockford Fosgate 1300 W amplifier
Polk Audio 800 W subwoofers (2)
Pioneer (tweeters (2), fuse holder)

03 Kyle Pearson 2004 VW Jetta PASMAG TBGLIVE

GoClean Waterless, Das Parts Volkswagen Specialists, Doman8 Performance Tuning, Project Feint CA, Marshall’s Auto & Refinishing, JP Powder Coating

10 Kyle Pearson 2004 VW Jetta PASMAG TBGLIVE

17 Kyle Pearson 2004 VW Jetta PASMAG TBGLIVE

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