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Stavros Grillis, The World’s Youngest Drifter!

When you were 10-years old, what were you doing? Do you recall? Most likely if you were like me you were chasing girls down the street attempting to plant a kiss on them or riding around with your bicycle crew causing havoc. In this case, this kid is different and something of a phenom for what he is capable of… drifting. For a motorsport that has only existed nearly three decades, it has truly become the biggest thing since sliced bread – no joke. Surely many have heard the big names like Keiichi Tsuchiya, Vaughn Gittin Jr., Dai Yoshihara, and many others, but who’s ever heard of Stavros Grillis?

Grillis is undoubtedly the world’s youngest drifter at age 10. Having started behind the wheel only a couple of years ago (yes, that would make him 8-years old at the time), he has gained much fame in his native home of Kos Island (a part of Greece) for his incredible car control despite his small stature. One thing is for certain, if Grillis keeps his skill level on point for years to come he will certainly be deserving of the title Dorikin aka Drift King currently held by the “Godfather of Drifting” Keiichi Tsuchiya.

In the video, an interviewer sits shotgun with Grillis as he gets sideways on a narrow road course with an 80s Euro-mobile. His incredible footwork, steering input and overall understanding of the car’s physics is impressive to watch thanks to the in-car camera. Hopefully we’ll be seeing this little kid (to which he is – no insult there) in an upcoming professional sanctioned series like King of Europe. Until such time, sit back and enjoy watching this kid do what you love… drift!

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