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  • Sport and Import Car Club of Columbus (S.I.C.C.)
    Club Name:
    S.I.C.C. (Sport and Import Car Club of Columbus)

    Year Established: 2009

    Check out the team website

    Check out the team on Facebook

    Location/Chapters: Columbus and surrounding area

    # of Members: 139

    President / Founder Name: Ben Davis

    Team Sponsors: P & L Performance

    Sport and Import Car Club of Columbus (S.I.C.C.)
    Sport and Import Car Club of Columbus (S.I.C.C.)

    My name is Ben Davis and I am the president of S.I.C.C. This club was created for car lovers, no matter what car or condition. The club is open to everyone. Many of the club members have families and bring them to different events. S.I.C.C. is a group of friends building works of art.

    Club History:
    S.I.C.C. was started in 2009 as a group of friends just hanging out. From there, it led to hosting an import night every other weekend at Quaker Steak and Lube. As time passed, we started getting more members and going to shows. We came into hosting different shows and giving out trophies; we still do, to this day.


    • “Best Club Participation,” Import Face-Off 2010
    • “Best Acura,” Ohio State Fair car show
    • “Favorite Import,” 614 Riders car show
    • “Best Time,” Driven with Purpose Road Rally
    • “Best use of Pink,” Driven with Purpose Road Rally

    Sport and Import Car Club of Columbus (S.I.C.C.)
    Shows Attended:

    • Import Face-Off
    • Street Life Tour
    • Import Alliance
    • Ohio State Fair Car Show
    • Driven with Purpose Road Rally
    • 614 Riders Car Show
    • Cruise for Tots
    • SlowMotion Dyno Day

    Sport and Import Car Club of Columbus (S.I.C.C.)

    Sport and Import Car Club of Columbus (S.I.C.C.)
    Organized Meets:

    • Import Night Quaker Steak and Lube
    • Ohio State Fair Car Show
    • P and L Performance Car Show

    Community Involvement / Charities:
    We are looking into hosting for the 2013 car show season, but we have supported many different ones; the major ones being Cruise for Tots and the Driven with Purpose Road Rally.

    Club Vehicles:

    • Honda Integra
    • Honda Prelude  
    • Dodge Avenger
    • Dodge SRT4
    • Nissan 350Z’s
    • Nissan GTR
    • Honda Accord’s
    • Mazda RSX’s
    • Lexus 1300
    • Infiniti G35

    Sport and Import Car Club of Columbus (S.I.C.C.)

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