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Yuen's current rides include an Infiniti M45 and this particular GS430. Now that the GS is complete, he plans to add a Lexus LS460 to the fleets and roll like the president wherever he may go.

There is something to be said about dedication to the game. If you’re like most people when they come up against obstacles or financial challenges, they give up and move on. It happens all too often in the Sport Compact game where one person gets the stick from a shot, blows a car up then disappears forever. Not the case with this GS driver who has been in the game for 25 years and has truly seen it all. Despite the setbacks and the things life throws at you, he is still going hard.

Yuen’s Lexus started out simple enough staying mostly factory with a handful of upgrades but once he started, he couldn’t turn back.


Mark Yuen has surpassed the quarter century mark as a car enthusiast and appears to be only warming up. His first car was a 1964 Pontiac GTO, so he is old enough to appreciate the classics and doesn’t think the car customization craze started with ‘bubbleback’ Civics. As he matured he moved from the violent and compromised ride of tuner cars and has moved more upscale. His current rides include an Infiniti M45 and this particular GS430. Now that the GS is complete, he plans to add a Lexus LS460 to the fleets and roll like the president wherever he may go.


Yuen’s Lexus started out simple enough staying mostly factory with a handful of upgrades but once he started, he couldn’t turn back. Under the lid, the V8 received a little attention in the STU_7259_thform of an HKS Suction intake kit and an Aimgain dual exhaust straight outta Japan. The next result isn’t much more than factory but the GS is quick out of the box anyway.


The attention turned to the exterior of the car where several upgrades from Japan set this GS apart from the crowd. A Job Design kit was sourced from Japan for its unique looks and demanding fitment. The Job Design kit features a front bumper, rear bumper and side sills to make the car appear even lower. Up front is an Admiration carbon fiber front grill and other accents include Junction Produce hood spoiler and roof spoiler. INGs of Japan supplied the rear trunk spoiler, carbon fiber pillars, grills and lower trim. Finally, the lighting was addressed with a set of puddle lights, JDM mirror LEDs, LED tails and 8000K fogs.


Since the GS is a big car, it will take all of the help it can get in the footwork area. The wheels and tires were ditched in favor of a set of Advan RS-D in Black with machines face. The wheels measured 20x9-inches and a 20x10.5 with a +20 in the rear and are wrapped in Vredestein Sessantas in 245/30R20 and 255/30R20. The right stance was achieved with using JIC Magic FLT-FAS coilovers dumped to perfection. The roll was eliminated with F-Sport anti-sway bars and the brakes were upgrade with some F-Sport big brakes right from the dealer catalogue.

The project then came up against the largest challenge, putting together a hard hitting interior with all of the latest gadgetry. The dash was overlaid with a full carbon fiber dash panel including CF handle pods and matching ashtray. The console was refinished in piano black along with matching switch plates. An F-Sport suede shift knob was added to the equation and custom suede door inserts with “F-Sport” embroidery compliment the look. The focus shifted to the audio and multimedia install that would take all of the time attention of Yuen.


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Since the GS was equipped with the award-winning Mark Levinson sound system, it would be tough to top. The Mark Levinson headunit remains and has been integrated with an Integrated MS-8 digital processor with a 31-band equalizer and Logic7 surround processing. Up front are the Infiniti KAPPA Perfect 6.1 components with a matching set in the rear doors complete with crossovers. The quartet of components are driven with an Infiniti Kappa Four amp mounted in the trunk. The lows are belted out using an Infiniti Kappa One amplifier driving a pair of front-facing Infiniti Kappa 10-inch subs. The trunk area is now an elaborate enclosure featuring a Plexiglass and carbon fiber materials. The system is linked up thanks to Mobile Spec including a front fuse holder and distribution blocks in addition to the power wire and capacitors.


With the best of all worlds, Yuen describes his car as show and go. With a new Lexus LS460 on the way and long-term plans for a GT-R we are not sure of the fate of this GS. But at the same time, Yuen accomplished what he set out to do, build a VIP cruiser that would look right at home on the streets of Japan, right here at home.

The Essentials

Owner: Mark Yuen

Location: McLean, VA

Vehicle: 2006 Lexus GS

Engine Modifications:

HKS Suction Intake

Aimgain dual exhaust


Wheels, Tires, Brakes:

Advan RS-D in back with machined face

20x9-inch +25

20x10.5-inch +20

Vredestein Sessanta 245/30R20

Vredestein Sessanta 255/30R20
F-Sport Big Brakes



JIC Magic FLT-FAS Coilovers

F-Sport Sway Bars

Crown Upper Strut Bar



Job Design Front bumper

Job Design Rear bumper

Job Design Side Sills

Admiration carbon front grill

Junction Produce bonnet spoiler

Junction Produce roof spoiler

Ings trunk spoiler

Carbon fiber pillars

Carbon fiber lower trim

Carbon fiber grill

Carbon fiber lower bumper trim

LED puddle lights

JSpec LED mirror winkers

LED tailights

HID 8000k foglights

Blue Pearl over Glacier Frost Mica


Full carbon fiber dash

Carbon fiber handle pods
Piano black console

Piano black switch plates

Suede door inserts with F-Sport blue stitching

F-Sport shift knob

Custom 2-tone floor mats with white surging


Audio & Multmedia

Mark Levinson Processors

Integrated MS-8 digital processor w/31 band equalizer

Infiniti Kappa Crossovers:

Infinity KAPPA PERFECT 6.1 components front

Infinity KAPPA PERFECT 6.1 components rear

Infinity KAPPA FOUR component amp

Infinity KAPPA One sub amp

Infinity KAPPA 10-inch subs x2
Mobile Spec Front Fuse Holder

?Mobile Spec Main Power Wire

Mobile Spec Distribution Blocks

Mobile Spec Capacitor



Vredestein Tires
Mackin Industries
ClearStar Media Group
Intercity Concepts
Mobile Spec