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As our scene continues to grow, an increasing number of enthusiasts are considering turning their passion for car customizing into a career. To meet PAS Trk 066_optthis demand, institutions all over the continent are being flooded with students who look to learn what it takes to turn automotive fantasy into reality. Acoustic Edge Institute is the place to enroll to learn everything from mobile audio, video and security installation, including courses specializing in fabrication and custom interior and upholstery. As CEO and President, “Danger” Dave Johnson is always looking for ways to promote Acoustic Edge Institute, and this 2005 International CXT is his best idea yet.

With campuses in both Edmond, OK and Houston, TX, Acoustic Edge Institute is recognized as the top dog in the Midwest. Weighing in at over 17,000lbs, there’s no disputing that this International CXT is a suitable mascot and is the king of the road. Whether it’s prowling the streets or pounding the bass at events, this big boy is a magnet for attention.

Johnson knew that the International CXT’s immense stature alone was sufficient for aesthetic appeal, and simply added custom airbrushed flames to show off that this behemoth was indeed an Acoustic Edge creation. However, an elaborate lighting system was installed in the undercarriage to accentuate its presence at nighttime and other low-light conditions.

With peak horsepower just shy of 300 and a top speed of 79mph, this brute isn’t quick by any stretch of the imagination. But that definitely works in its benefit, as the Acoustic Edge advertising proves to be much more effective during the CXT’s slow roll rather than as a speedy blur. However, Johnson did address the 7.6L inline-six turbo-diesel DT466 powerplant’s PAS Trk 050_optinadequacies by adding a programmer chip that’s so effective in boosting power in engines such as the CXT’s and increases its horsepower production by 30%. Despite the modification, he is quick to describe the CXT as “really slow,” which fortunately allows for more time for heads to turn.

Obviously, the CXT wasn’t purchased for its speed (or lack thereof), but for its awesome shock value. If you’re limber enough to crawl up the ladder and peek inside the cabin, you’ll find that the Acoustic Edge build team filled this monster with some of the most intense chest-pounding audio gear on the planet. The driver and passengers secure themselves in one of the four Legacy seats that have been re-skinned with silver upholstery and ostrich leather, before being blasted with acoustics reproduced by the latest in Digital Designs (DD) hardware.

With the entire cabin covered in Hushmat sound-deadening material (some areas receiving up to three layers), the CXT ensures that every dB produced by the system hits you like a Mike Tyson haymaker. The jewel of the system is the DD Z 18-inch subwoofer that lives in a unique 10 cubic foot enclosure that doubles as a centre console and connects the front and rear together. Power for this woofer comes from a DD Z1 mono-block amplifier that is mounted in the ceiling alongside DD’s C1 and C2 amplifiers. Another pair of C2 amplifiers is mounted beneath the makeshift centre console, powering the DDC6.5 6.5-inch coaxial speakers found in the front (three pairs) and rear doors (four pairs).

PAS Trk 099_opt PAS Trk 134_opt PAS Trk 030_opt

PAS Trk 148_optUsing a Pioneer AVIC-D3 head unit mounted in the dash as the control centre, a 7-inch LCD monitor is used in conjunction with the Pioneer rear-view / back-up camera in the license plate holder. A pair of 15.4-inch Directed flip-down screens is mounted in the ceiling and provides the rear passengers with sharp visuals. Juice for the entire setup comes courtesy of the six Kinetik batteries, two HC2000s mounted in the stock location and four additional HC4000s in the custom battery box found directly below.

Johnson’s International CXT can be found on display at either Acoustic Edge campus or terrorizing eardrums of curious bystanders at local show and sound-off events across the Midwest. Those interested in getting paid to build great sound systems like this can log onto www.acousticedge.com for enrollment information.

Read on for Full Spec Sheet

Owner: “Danger” Dave Johnson
Location: Edmond, OK
Vehicle: 2005 International CTX


7.6L Inline-six, turbocharged and air-to-air intercooled (DT466)
Programmer for 30% horsepower gain

Custom battery box under factory box
Red underbody neon kit (six sets)

22.5-inch wheels and Goodyear tires

Legacy Silver seats (x4) with ostrich leather inserts
Suede accents in doors and headliner

Pioneer AVIC-D3
Phoenix Gold TLD66 line driver
Digital Designs Z1 mono-block amplifier
Digital Designs C2 amplifier (x3)
Digital Designs C1 amplifier (x1)
Digital Designs Z 18-inch subwoofer (x1)
Digital Designs DDC6.5 6.5-inch coaxial speakers (7 pairs)
Digital Designs DDC4 4-inch coaxial speakers (2 pairs)
Directed 15.4-inch flip-down monitor (x2)
Pioneer rear back-up camera
Kinetik Power Cell batteries (2 x HC2000, 4 x HC2400)