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February/ March 2014


Godfather of VIP: Takakuni Jo's Lexus LS460L

Godfather of VIP

With its radical styling and kick-ass customizations, the Lexus LS 460L on these pages took Japan by storm before doing the same here in North America at the 2013 SEMA Show. After being purchased in 2011, this 2008 limousine model was exported from the United States to Japan to be completely transformed into a show piece for Job Design. Its owner, Takakuni Jo, invested more than $100,000 to design and assemble his own body kit – a ton of money, in my opinion – before the car was shipped back Stateside to make an appearance at the SEMA Show in Vegas.

Top Model: Arika Sato


Power Page: MSD Atomic EFI Fuel/ ECU Rails

Atomic EFI

The GM LS is a legendary engine in a multitude of different applications, from hot rodding to sports car racing, muscle cars, and even drifting. Its diminutive size and raw power makes it one of the most sought-after engines for conversions, and for anyone who's ever completed an engine swap, it can lead to its fair share of headaches. 

Test Report


When it comes to designing and manufacturing a truly good sounding loudspeaker, there is as much art in the process as there is science. And no company understands this better than Focal. This is a company that’s been known for building some of the best sounding home and car speakers for the past three decades, and they know a few things when it comes to building loudspeakers.