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Model of the Week: Lee Anne P.

Name: Lea Anne P. 

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Check out Lea Anne P. on FacebookInstagram, and her Personal Site

Birthday: October 11

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Height: 5'4"

Measurements: 32C-25-35

Ethnicity/ Nationality: Caucasian

Model of the Week: Lee Anne P.

Where are you from?
I am from a small town in Georgia called Villa Rica.  I currently live in Pasadena, CA. 

Are you currently working?
I am a racing driver from Toyota of Escondido.

Does your personality match your Zodiac sign?
Very much so! I am a Libra. Very stubborn, passionate and goal driven.  That is me in a nutshell.

Model of the Week: Lee Anne P.

What would you say are your strengths as a model?
I am well spoken, super fun, outgoing, and I'm ALWAYS smiling.

What is your best beauty secret?
SLEEP!  :)  

What car do you currently drive? Why did you buy it?
2013 Hyundai Veloster... his name is Gary Coleman. I love it because its an odd car. Any dislikes would be its naturally aspirated motor.  

Do you have a dream car?
Ferrari Scuderia... 110mph in 2nd gear... gorgeous body lines... handles like a dream.  WHY NOT!?

Model of the Week: Lee Anne P.

Where do you like to eat?
I love any asian food. Shabu Shabu, Pho, Thai, the works.

Do you know how to change a spare tire?

I certainly do.  I changed the motor in my 94' Miata. I forgot to tighten down my ECU ground wire and ended up frying 3 major parts that ended up costing more than the motor.

What are your future plans?
To be a household name in the automotive world.  :)

Do you ever drink?
I drink wine.  Reds and whites.... 

Model of the Week: Lee Anne P.

How do you keep in such excellent shape?
Just being really active. I am typically out doing stuff or always at the track. It keeps me busy.

What's on your travel itinerary? Are you planning to go to anywhere in the close future?
I need to go back to the UK very bad.  ASAP more like. I might have travel plans to race over in Europe, we'll see. 

Who is your favorite musical artist? 
I LOVE Linkin Park and Green Day.  They are great in concert and have good pyro shows!

Model of the Week: Lee Anne P.

Who motivates and inspires you?
Failure. If I fail, I PUSH myself to get back up and keep pushing on.

What else can you tell us about yourself?
I've played drums since I was in the 5th grade.  I was a Cheerleader at one point.  SHHH don't tell anyone.  Yes, I was a flyer.

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