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OPTIMA® Batteries Searches for High-Powered Stories and
Offers Chance to Win Free Trip to the 2010 SEMA Show

Enthusiasts with the most extreme OPTIMA battery stories to be featured in a high-powered project to be unveiled at the 2010 SEMA Show

August 27, 2010 (MILWAUKEE) – In anticipation of the performance automotive aftermarket industry’s biggest trade event of the year, OPTIMA® Batteries is giving auto enthusiasts a chance to win a free trip to the 2010 SEMA Show by submitting their own OPTIMA-powered stories. A select few who submit the most extreme OPTIMA-powered stories through will be able to attend the exclusive industry event, not normally open to the public. The winners will also receive complementary OPTIMA batteries of their choice and will be featured in an elite, high-powered project to be unveiled on November 2, the first day of the SEMA Show.


“We’ve heard countless stories over the years of our batteries doing amazing things, but now we’re looking for the best of the best,” said Cam Douglass, director of product development and marketing for OPTIMA. “At OPTIMA we really value our customers and want to reward them not only for their loyalty to the brand, but also for their commitment to their passion, whether it be off-road or circle track racing, or saltwater fishing or wakeboarding, just to name a few.”


OPTIMA battery users continue to push its power to the limit. A few legendary OPTIMA stories include a BlueTop® battery that continued to work after being submerged in six feet of salt water during Hurricane Katrina, and a RedTop® battery that continues to work after outlasting a handful of cars over its 21-year life. Consumers whose OPTIMA batteries still function after helping to break records, survive collisions, catastrophes or even explosions, are encouraged to share their stories for the chance to be a part of something so powerful and so elite, OPTIMA cannot risk sharing any other details before the unveiling in Las Vegas.


Submit any powerful stories and available photography through the following web link no later than September 30, 2010, for the chance to take advantage of these incredible offers from the Ultimate Power Source® -