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There are two types of tuners in the market today: those that spend money on all the right parts and those who make them work properly. How many times have we seen big dollar parts simply installed and not tuned edge_1L_5w30_020616600A_thor maintained properly? It happens each and every day. Those in the know, however, understand that the proper setup and maintenance will ensure those expensive parts will last for a long while.

The single most important maintenance item on your car is the lubrication system. Without it, your car would not go far. There are many misconceptions about the different oils on the market, especially synthetics. However, Castrol has released a new ultra-premium synthetic to deliver in extreme conditions. Their new motto ‘Change you Oil, Change Your Life’ is indicative of what it plans to offer with this premier line, which it claims is the best Castrol product ever.

The new Castrol Edge is an advanced proprietary formula that guarantees the highest level of protection in extreme conditions. For us here at PASMAG, “extreme conditions” mean the rigors lapping days at the track or getting the car sideways at the next drift event. Any motor oil worth its value must be able to sustain high RPMS, high heat and not break down and cause excessive wear. Castrol was ready to prove its worth with the results of the industry standard Sequence IVA test. The Castrol Edge provided eight times better wear protection than the top synthetic competitor. Castrol maintains that its formula outperforms every other oil on the market in this regard, synthetic or mineral.

However, it isn’t just extreme RPMS and temperatures that the Castrol Edge product can deal with. Most of us don’t have trailer queens and driver our track cars to and from the track. If you are like us, you might use your ride for everything from the morning commute to casual weekend cruises and you need an oil that performs under different conditions. Sludge buildup can become a concern with stop and go traffic. The ambient conditions could have either high or low temperatures and your vehicle (if you have an SUV) could be used for towing or hauling. Whatever the circumstance, Castrol Edge is ready.

The additives in the formula also increase efficiency, maintain power and protect against contaminants. Corrosive particles such as soot and oxidized fuel fragments are prevented from forming sludge. The formula also neutralizes harmful acids and prevents them from forming rust and corrosion on bearings and hydraulic lifters.

Available in Canada’s most popular weights, Castrol Edge is poised to be a popular choice for enthusiasts. Available in 5W20, 5W30 and 10W30 the product can be found at all major retailers in 1L and 4.4L jugs. With many synthetics on the market, choosing the right one for your car and its application can be difficult, but Castrol has narrowed it down for the consumer with the right weights, wide availability and formulations that far exceed industry standards.


Edge Synthetic Oil