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Red Line has been hard at work exceeding these OEM specifications to provide a high-performance dealer alternative. One such viscosity pertains to modern BMW M-cars such as the E46 M3 and E60 M5. These high-compression beasts crank out 333hp and 500hp out of their naturally aspirated 3.2L inline-6 and 5.0L V10 mills, respectively.

For most PAS staff with high-performance cars, we stick with Red Line Oil to protect our expensive motors. With 30 years of success in and high performance road cars, proven wear protection and additional products to improve cooling and driveline s [ … ]

Quaker State has formulated its motor oils to meet the toughest industry tests.  Quaker State Advanced Durability that provides 2x the wear protection of the standard industry test. Enhanced Durability, that provides protection to those vehicles that do a lot of stop and go driving or towing, such as the 4x4, SUV & Truck motor oil and Quaker State’s very best Ultimate Durability Q-Horsepower Full Synthetic.

It has to be said that the Quaker State of today is not your Grandpa’s motor oil. Even though, my Grandpa did use it, their modern formulas are so dramatically different that everything has changed except for the name. The company has launched and (re-launched) a number of products and is on a mis [ … ]

Prosport (yes, the gauge company) has branched out and built a cost-effective header for the WRX. With an MSRP of only $599 these headers are priced to move. So much so that Prosport increased the stock on hand for 2010 because several times in 2009 it was sold out between production runs. The mission in 2010 is to fill all of the orders with WRX owners looking to crank some more ponies out of their EJ20-powered WRX.

One of the more distinct exhaust notes today is that being belted out by the Subaru Impreza WRX. In stock form it is audible but with an aftermarket exhaust it is unmistakably the 2.0L boxer-4 rumbling away. Opening up the exhaust in these cars does wonders for their force fed performance and ther [ … ]

“We noted there was a real lack of effective cooling products in the sport compact market.” Says Pro Motion Marketing Director, Mike Morita. “We decided to add Mizu to the mizu-radiator-fan-shroudalready great line of products we distribute.


When boosting the performance of your car, one of the more overlooked sub-systems is cooling. Effective cooling is going to keep your intake temps down, lubrication more effective and make the engine run more efficiently. Upgrading the rad is only one dimension to solving the issue of effective [ … ]

Progress Technology anti-roll bars dramatically improve handling by minimizing the traction-robbing body lean that deflects tires. By replacing the skinny OEM rear sway bar and rubber bushings on the Evo X with larger diameter (and stiffer) bar and polyurethane bushings, roll is reduced dramatically.

Proper chassis balance on your ride is one of the most important aspects to consider when thinking about when bringing your car to the track. Sure, your EVO X might be blessed with great capability from the factory, but there is still a supercar fighter in there. We all know that stock OEM parts d [ … ]