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GReddy Blow-Off Valve FV – "Floating Valve"
GReddy is proud to introduce a new generation of "Push Type Blow Off Valves," the GReddy BOV FV.  The "FV" stand for Floating Valve, and it is this breakthrough in design that produces quicker valve response, increased valve travel, and improved resistance to premature valve lift and boost leak.  The unique floating valve design incorporates a revised adjustable dual spring system and diaphragm ventilation, while maintaining the advantages of the previous model's push valve structure and heat resistant silicone diaphragm and valve ratio. This allows the springs and diaphragm to better control the valve and boost.  By relocating one spring under and keeping one over the diaphragm, it makes the need for spring pre-load less dependent on idle and light boost situations and more on keeping the valve closed under boost.  The result is our best performing GReddy Blow-off Valve yet!  Another improvement includes an adjustable, sliding top hat, to adjust the hose fitting location, without complete dis-assembly.  The FV also keeps its overall mounting and outlet dimensions, which means it is compatible with the industry standard two-bolt GReddy BOV flange and can easily replace existing Type RS & RZ applications, as well as use the same optional RS and RZ outlet adapters.