Annual Carlisle Events Holiday Sale

Annual Carlisle Events Holiday Sale
Annual Carlisle Events Holiday Sale Launches November 29. Biggest Savings Opportunity of the Year Offers 20% Off for 2020.

The chance to enjoy a car themed weekend at Carlisle has been on the motoring radar of car lovers around the world since 1974. For many of the last 45 seasons, access to some of the biggest events of their type in the world has been offered at a discounted price, all while expanding and growing to be destination events for car crazy enthusiasts of all ages. Now, as 2019 concludes and 2020 is right around the corner, Carlisle Events is pleased to offer its fans and followers an even deeper discounted opportunity to enjoy their time in America’s automotive hometown.

Holiday Sale 2020 commences on Black Friday, November 29 and doubles up on the savings for showing a car, while offering unmatched discounts on ways to experience events as a spectator. Anyone planning to show and save can be part of any or all events at a 20% discount. It doesn't matter which event, if showing a car/truck is your way in, you'll save 20%. In addition, those that capitalize on the Showfield savings will also be offered a discount offer for the t-shirt of their event too.

But wait...there's more. Continuing the savings theme, spectator tickets for single day or multi-day event access are also offered at a 20% discount. Why pay full price for something you enjoy, right? With the savings feature on tickets, a bundle also ties in parking, which means that a ticket and reserved parking at a Carlisle Events operated lot is available at a discount!

The 2020 Holiday Sale also includes discounted packages. The discount savings vary per package and per event, but are as follows and include: Spectator Package (two single day admissions plus reserved parking for one vehicle), Show and Shirt Package (Showfield and event shirt), Show and Camp Package (Import and Chevrolet only – Showfield and TWO camping spots), Fan Package (Ford and Chrysler only – Showfield, event shirt and die-cast) and finally, Corvette lovers have a bevy of Corvette themed packages to pick from.

Online sales for all discount options commence on Black Friday, with phone and in person orders starting December 2 at 8 a.m. The discounted gift of a Carlisle car show continues through 5 p.m. on January 2, 2020. Phone and in person options run through 12 p.m. on December 20, with only online orders available thereafter (Carlisle offices closed for the holidays).

Call 717-243-7855 today to learn more or visit starting November 29 to accelerate your purchase! The annual Carlisle Events holiday sale...capitalize on the savings and give the gift of Carlisle this holiday season.

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