DEI Introduces New 1-Step Interior Coating to Control Both Heat and Sound

DEI Introduces New 1-Step Interior Coating to Control Both Heat and Sound

DEI Introduces New 1-Step Interior Coating to Control Both Heat and Sound

To all those who decided on that GranTurismo Level 5 Weight Reduction IRL. It’s a little hot in there, huh? Well Design Engineering Inc. (DEI) has your back, and everything else that’s sweaty.

AVON LAKE, OHIO – Design Engineering Inc. (DEI), a worldwide leader in heat and sound control products, is thrilled to announce the launch of its groundbreaking product, ATAC™: Advanced Thermal Acoustic Control Coating.

ATAC (#50208) is a revolutionary water-based coating that sets a new interior heat and noise management standard. Unlike traditional coatings that focus solely on either heat or sound control, ATAC combines both functionalities in one innovative solution thus saving time and money. This cutting-edge product can be sprayed on, rolled, or brushed onto interiors, providing unparalleled performance in heat and sound management. 

"We are excited to introduce ATAC to our customers," said Mike Buca, Brand Manager of Design Engineering Inc. "With ATAC, we are offering a unique solution in one product that addresses the dual challenges of heat and sound control. Whether you're restoring a classic car, refurbishing a boat, upgrading an RV, enhancing a truck, or tackling industrial applications, ATAC delivers exceptional results." 

ATAC is now available for shipping and comes in a convenient 1-gallon size, making it ideal for various projects and applications. Its versatility and effectiveness make it a must-have product for automotive enthusiasts, marine enthusiasts and industrial professionals alike. 

ATAC Sprayed floor pan lrg
Key features and benefits of ATAC include: 
Advanced thermal and acoustic control in one solution saves time and money. 
Reflects radiant heat up to 375 F (177 C) while reducing vibration and noise for a quieter more enjoyable ride. 
Easy application through spraying, rolling, or brushing.
Available in a 1-gallon resealable bucket that covers up to 75 square feet.
Provides superior performance compared to traditional coatings. 
Water-based coating that cleans up easily and is environmentally safe. 
Suitable for automotive restoration, marine vessels, RVs, trucks and industrial applications. 
An optional DEI Spray Gun is also available (#50209).

For more information about ATAC, available to order now, visit HERE 

To learn more about DEI’s complete line of innovative products, visit

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