PASMAG #162 / Style Vol. 7

Style Is Everything // By the time you’ve found your way to this page, you’ve probably already noticed that this book contains its fair share of style-oriented content. We have once again combined a regular PASMAG issue - in this case, our annual Eurocentric magazine - with the annual Style Buyer’s Guide. This gave us the chance to explore some of the most stylishly assembled European car builds in the world, and they don’t skip out on performance quality, either!

Our feature vehicles in this issue are the cream of the crop, with the two main features being found on the SEMA floor last year. That widebody BMW 2002, owned by George Dalmakis, you see on the cover is more than meets the eye, as we soon found out upon closer inspection. Additionally, the PASMAG Editor’s #1 choice from the show finally gets its place in the pages of PAS: The Trick Factory Customs Mercedes-Benz 190 - a truly blasphemous modern tribute to its DTM heritage.

We also included a whole bunch of Builds to Follow based on European platforms:

  • Diego Berrios - 2001 Porsche Carrera
  • Dominick Barger - 2006 Volkswagen GTI
  • Nick Cosentino - 2012 Audi TT RS
  • Shaun Graham - 1995 BMW 325i
  • Tyler Barrow - 2012 Volkwagen Golf R
  • Vasily Mishukov - 2009 Audi A4 Avant

As well as the usual sprinkling of regular PAS content such as Hot New Products and some recent #TBGLIVE winners:

  • Galileo Galang - 1994 Honda Civic
  • Clifford Joe - 2008 Porsche Cayman
  • Reece Reynolds - 1967 VW Beetle

Since this is also a Style guide, we went ahead and found more than 100 of the latest and greatest products available today to improve your vehicle’s style, so be sure to take notes!

As always, thanks for picking up PASMAG. We hope we can help you get your car ready to dominate the show circuit, or even just to achieve the look you’ve been dreaming of.

PASMAG #162/Style Vol. 7 ships October 2020.


Adam Gordon
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