The Famed Aggieland Money Round Enters Its Eighth Year

The Famed Aggieland Money Round Enters Its Eighth Year

With the addition of the EMMA Sound Quality format to the IASCA SQC and MECA Sound Quality formats, SQOLOGY Aggieland VIII SQ Invitational promises to be amazing!

[UPDATE: June 1, 2021] Aggieland's location has changed due to the weather report for this weekend. Judging will now happen indoors. The parking lot is gravel, but manageable.


Mobile Toys Inc.
12323 State HW 30, College Station, TX 77845

This is Mobile Toys, Inc's new facility, and is still under final construction, but will provide the event with a plethora of space for indoor judging.

Please be advised, to be judged indoors you'll need both a power supply and bring at least 50' of extension cord.

If you wish to register now for the various organizations, you can do so here: or at the event. It would help them a lot to know your intentions of what organizations you wish to compete in. MECA is a 4X, IASCA 3X, and approx. seven categories in EMMA.

The competitor meeting will be at approx. 7 AM Saturday morning, with judging to begin soon afterward. The schedule for the money round will be prepared but set by number (rather than by competitor name). Numbers will be drawn from a hat at the competitor's meeting Saturday morning, then you'll know your judging slots for the money round (which will be judged both Saturday and Sunday, as normal).

For those competing in the money round, there are a large number of points on the scoresheet devoted to listening enjoyment, based on both a track selected by you, the competitor, and a track selected by each individual judge. This is your opportunity to shine and make your car sound great, the way you would want to demo your car to the judge to demonstrate all its strengths. Make sure it's loaded in and ready to go and the judge knows how to select it when they're ready.

The judge's tracks will need to be playable on your system, and they're not available yet. So, if you have a system that will not play CDs or USB, they'll need to load them on your player, at the latest following the competitor meeting Saturday morning. They will have a laptop on hand with them loaded and devoted to helping to do that. If you have an iOS device, it's advised you bring your computer its synced to, if possible, to ease that process.

For those with trailers/haulers, you'll need to park in the lot behind the building.


IASCA, MECA, and EMMA SQ and install judging will be performed on Saturday. The Money Round will be performed on both Saturday and Sunday.

Be advised that MECA is a 4X SQL event, wherein you'll receive 15 points (as a MECA member) toward your Finals invite, and sound quality judging will be performed by three judges, with their scores averaged for the outcome.

If you wish to compete in any additional formats (IASCA install, MECA install, RTA, SQ2, or The Zenner, etc), you may register for this during the event or by following this link.

Memberships for the orgs may be purchased during the event.

IASCA's SQ rules may be found by following this link.
IASCA's SQ disc may be purchased by following this link, or with a membership here.

MECA's SQ rules may be found by following this link.
MECA's SQ disc may be purchased by following this link, or with a membership here.
MECA also has a list of bonus tracks that the judges may use, which are listed here.

EMMA's SQ rules may be found by following this link.
EMMA's Install rules may be found by following this link.
Your EMMA category will be determined during the event.
EMMA's SQ disc may be purchased and downloaded by following this link.

The awards ceremony for all formats will be at the end of the event on Sunday.


For the purposes of the outcome of the money round, they will be performing a simple average of all the money round judge's scores. The organization's scores (IASCA, MECA, and EMMA) are inconsequential to the outcome of the money round.

Judging will be made by a selection of up to eight judges.

The scoresheet used may be viewed by following this link (but is subject to minor changes).

No install score will be used.

The IASCA Tonal Accuracy, Sound Stage, and Imaging sections will follow the IASCA rules and definitions (noted in the previous section) and be judged by multiple sound judges from the driver's seat/listening position. The playlist will be the same as used at Lonestar, an augmented version of the 2020 Aggieland Playlist, discussed in depth here. In addition to the competitor and judge's selection.

The "Noise" section will follow Aggieland's own definition, which is that all cars are awarded the full six (6) points unless there is a substantial issue that impedes listening enjoyment of the system at normal listening levels while listening to music. Turn on/off pops or relay noises, alternator whine, "zero bit" tracks, etc. will not be taken into consideration. However, they are implementing this section to avoid significant noise issues from affecting the outcome of the tonal accuracy section. The scoring will be by "majority rule" (so if all judges do not agree, the outcome will be determined by the majority ruling in this section. If it's an even split, we will err on the side of the higher points outcome).

Suggested evaluation/listening levels will follow the current IASCA definition. 

As always, things are subject to minor adjustments as we finalize the event. For more information, visit

  • Focal
  • Mosconi
  • Illusion Audio

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