A Different Form of Art by Jose Gonzalez: Custom Classic JDM Lights

It's all in the details.

A lot of our audience is familiar with Jose Gonzalez and his stunning Nissan Hako Skyline Godzilla. This was a favorite car of mine the year I saw it (at SEMA) and we were fortunate enough to be able to feature it not too long after that. Additionally, he's been working on his Mazda RX-3. This is a long time project as you can imagine to take something to the level of that Hako. So his RX-3 is in the works and it's just about ready to go for paint. He let us see some paint samples. He's ranging between oranges and reds. He's trying to fine tune the exact color he wants but I know he's going to go the distance, and part of going the distance with builds like these - especially these classic, iconic, almost cult cars - is subtle changes without going too overboard. You don't want to be too tacky or stray too far from the original, and part of the way he does that is he also makes really neat little parts for other cars.

These replacement signals for the Kenmeri Skyline DRLs and sequential turn signals are a nice little touch to the car. It goes the distance at a show but when it's sitting still it just looks like a nice replacement to the side marker. He's also done this for the Datsun 510 with some three wire markers. So he spends a lot of time just making these little adjustments to almost OEM pieces. He recreates lenses for stuff like hard to find 240Z tail light lenses and AE86 Levin lenses.

What's really cool is a lot of the stuff he makes is very reasonably priced especially when you consider the price tag that stuff on these cars has already. Let alone the cars themselves. The one that really caught my attention, and I'm sure we'll see this on his RX-3, which also works for the RX-4 (if you've managed to get your hands on one of those somehow), is another DRL and sequential turn signal. I think something like this is really going to go the distance on setting the cars apart. They look fantastic and it's just that little touch of modernization on a cult classic car that really goes the distance.

Jose also says hit him up in the DMs with interest. If you have one of these classic cars, or any sort of really cool, classic JDM car, I'm sure he can make you something really nice for a good price too.

As seen on PASMAG's Tuning 365 (Season 3 Episode 9) on REV TV.

Additional footage from 72gonzuka

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