The Return of the Turbofan

The Return of the Turbofan (Photo by George Webster)

Despite their influence on style, it’s difficult to pinpoint exact trends when it comes to wheel design. Wait. Right. Spinners. Those were.... ummm.... great.

Words by Jordan Lenssen. Photography by George Webster & Terence Gamble

Aside from those masterpieces, we’ve seen a steady stream of (insert number here) spoked wheel styles, but it seems two trends have been taking over of late. 

Throughout the community, we’re seeing directional wheels stake their claim as a stylish and functional pair of shoes, but it also seems we’re seeing a resurgence of a motorsport-inspired trend throughout the Euro community. And we’d like to welcome the return of the turbofan.

The Return of the Turbofan (Photo Provided by fifteen52)

Technically, it’s not a wheel (the originals fans fit over top of certain wheels only) and original turbofans are hard to come by, but brands like fifteen52 (EVO SC shown, above), Rota and Livery are incorporating the side-cut designs into their wheels, or making new fans altogether.

To the untaught, they leave people scratching their heads, but tell us about a better wheel/accessory that is equal parts form and function and you’ll earn some wicked bragging rights. Turbofans look awesome, they’re like nothing else, and they’re constantly cooling your brakes with wicked forces of air that would otherwise flow right pass the wheel. BMW? Porsche? Audi? VW? They were highly popular in the ‘80s across Germany and Europe, and if you have an older model Euro, they’ll look even more at home. And they’ll get you plenty of props in the process.

The Return of the Turbofan (Photo by Terence Gamble)

Photography by George Webster & Terence Gamble