GT-R: Gran Turismo Racer. Few combinations of letters are as recognizable in the automotive tuning world as G-T-R. While that combination has adorned many manufacturer makes and models at the height of their performance, the most iconic is the vehicle which wears the badge throughout the generations. While some manufacturers may award these letters to the latest halo car on a whim, only one has cemented itself as the very essence of the abbreviation: Nissan’s GT-R.

Poised from its inception to be the quintessential road-going race car, Nissan’s GT-R captured the hearts of enthusiasts throughout numerous generations. In fact, some of our most engaged content comes in the form of GT-Rs that you guys can’t seem to get enough of. That’s why we decided to give the GT-R its own spotlight for this issue, alongside all the regular PASMAG content you know and love.

Whether you’re a Skyline or GT-R owner, or just love everything about the iconic GT-R platforms, you’ll be thrilled to find this magazine filled with the latest and greatest aftermarket products, both universal and GT-R specific, as well as some of the most awe-inspiring builds on each of the four most recent cars to wear the GT-R badge - an R32, an R33, an R34, and an R35 GT-R can all be found in here at the peak of modification.

Naturally, we also have all sorts of regular PASMAG content within these pages, so what are you waiting for? See you at the finish line.


Adam Gordon
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