Tuning Essentials: Ultimate Performance Guide, 6th Edition

Gotta Go Fast! Pinning the accelerator pedal and feeling the car respond in kind is an addictive feeling. The noises, the quickening speed at which your surroundings start to blur by, and how you find yourself stuck to the back of your seat are all byproducts of going fast, and you want them more and more once you’ve gotten a taste. For all you speed junkies out there, this issue is for you: PASMAG’s sixth annual Performance special.

Of course, going fast isn’t that impressive if you can’t do anything with it, so we’ve taken this whole book to lay out all the systems that work together to keep your car and your engine turning faster and faster. Further inside, you’ll find nine Buyer’s Guides chock full of over 100 of the latest and greatest go-fast bits available today, from intake, exhaust, and suspension, to forced induction, transmission upgrades, and engine internals. If it can fit on a car to make it perform better, it’s here.

We’ll also showcase a few of our friends who are venturing into the more unique ways to make power, like John Nguyen’s 1972 Celica that uses parts from a Supra, Mustang, and a Lexus SUV in a twin-charged setup that needs to be seen to be believed. There’s also Chad Shirtliff’s Evo VIII, which utilizes the legendary 4G63 engine, but with an whole extra set of injectors. You’ll definitely want to read up on these amazing builds.

On the technical side, we’ve broken down Grassroots Performance’s Type 1 coilovers and let you know what to look for when you’re on the hunt for more low, as well as intercoolers with Wagner Tuning and their new ingenious “Build Your Own Intercooler” system. Also, if you’ve ever wondered what goes into making a GT-R anywhere in the ballpark of 1,000 to 2,000 horsepower, we just so happened to talk with the madmen over at Apex Motoring. We’re talking seven-second GT-Rs here, people.

There’s even more to read from there, so enjoy your flip through the issue! We can’t promise your car will be faster after reading, but you might want to place this issue in your glovebox for an extra five horsepower, just in case.

Micky Slinger
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You may have seen the logo on the cover that says “20 Years,” and that’s for a very special reason: Performance Auto & Sound Magazine is celebrating its 20th anniversary! Throughout 2019, we’ll be reminiscing in each issue about the awesome PASMAG people, feature cars, and important events that have made up our 20 years in the industry. Stay tuned for more 20th anniversary throwbacks to come!

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