Meguiar's Launches All-New Professional M122 Surface Prep

Meguiar's Launches All-New Professional M122 Surface Prep

Irvine, Calif. (2020) – Trusted car care brand Meguiar’s, has announced the release of an exciting, all-new product that further enhances their robust line-up of professional products with Meguiar’s® M122 Surface Prep. This new and unique formulation provides a versatile and safer alternative to existing solutions on the market when it comes to paint inspection during the paint correction process, as well as for preparation before applying a coating for paint protection. M122 was specifically formulated with professional detailers in mind to equip them with a pro-grade inspection spray that delivers maximum performance yet is still cost-effective.

M122 is the perfect solution for removing compound and polishing residue, oils and fresh surface contaminants ultimately allowing the detailer to fully assess the true condition of the surface they are working with. Given the highly competitive price point, detailers can finally justify using M122 as an inspection spray throughout the entire paint correction process.

Surface Prep is also the perfect choice to quickly clean and prepare paint and ensure maximum adhesion before applying a coating or touch-up paint. Without being heavy in solvents, this ready-to-use formula is body shop safe and uniquely formulated so it won’t run the risk of swelling or staining paint, making it safer to use than pure isopropyl alcohol. Whether an automotive detailer, a professional in a paint collision shop, or detailing enthusiast, this pro-grade inspection spray is easy to use, delivers quick effective paint cleaning and is still a cost-effective solution.

Meguiar’s M122 Surface Prep has an MSRP of $39.99 and is currently available in a gallon size through a variety of online professional detail and retail sites.

Meguiar’s provides high performance car care products for every automotive surface. To learn more visit

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