Siri Remote Start Now Supported on DroneMobile for iPhone

Siri Remote Start Now Supported on DroneMobile for iPhone

July 10, 2020 – (SEATTLE. WASHINGTON): Firstech, makers of Compustar and DroneMobile, has launched an App Store update for the DroneMobile iPhone App that unlocks full compatibility with Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant. This announcement makes DroneMobile the first and only aftermarket connected car solution to support the “big 3” of voice control: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple’s Siri.

DroneMobile users can access Siri functionality via the iPhone “Shortcuts” App, where they can program custom voice prompts to trigger DroneMobile commands like remote start, keyless entry, and GPS car finder. As long as the custom voice prompt doesn’t conflict with Siri’s core library of functions, users can program any phrase to control their car. Furthermore, users can layer additional actions for other apps to initiate with a single voice prompt. For example, “Siri, start morning routine” could remotely start your vehicle’s engine, turn down your smart thermostat, and play your favorite song on Apple Music.

Integration with “Shortcuts” also presents limitless possibilities for DroneMobile users to automate their vehicle control experience. For example, a shortcut can be set up to automatically arm your vehicle’s security system at 9PM and disarm it in the morning. To ensure driver and vehicle safety, most commands do require user confirmation and verification via Face or Touch ID.

“This latest update to the DroneMobile App establishes a very real connection between the smart car and the smart home,” shares software director Carmine Maraglio. “Even during these uncertain times, we at Firstech are committed to offering new ways for drivers to stay connected to their vehicles and families - on or off the road.”

DroneMobile connected car solutions are available exclusively at authorized retail locations across North America. To request more information, or to find an authorized dealer near you, please visit

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