No Hood, No Care

No Hood,No Care
Written by Micky Slinger / Photography by KC Image, Michael Watson

A lot of tuners have been seen at shows, meets and, on occasion, on the road driving without a hood. This not only helps in showcasing your engine (and/or swap), turbo/supercharger, wire tuck, engine shave, piping, tubbing, reservoir/ABS relocation, and engine bay color/s for points and kudos, but this trend helps photographers with capturing the best photos of your car without having a hood propped and in the way. What better way to give your engine the right kinda attention it. #pasmag



PASMAG-Trending-No-Hood-No-Care-Honda-Civic-K20-Swap-Michael-WatsonPASMAG-Trending-No-Hood-No-Care-Honda-Civic-Michael Watson