The snow has finally cleared from streets across North America, and car enthusiasts are emerging from their hibernation. It feels like winter happened multiple times this year! In order to make up for time lost, we’ve crammed our annual Tuner Handbook issue with all sorts of spring cleaning and preparation to help you get on the road or the track sooner.

In addition to the usual list of hot new products from the industry, we’ve also included an Oil & Lube guide, a Car Care guide, and a Mobile Electronics guide to get your car ready for its first cruise of the year. With a focus on DIY goodness, we also talk with United Speed Racing about track-prepping a car, as well as Savanna Little and Kevin Parlett about what it takes to establish a career and campaign in the racing world - both pieces should help the go-fast enthusiasts in our audience! We also take a look at one of the most impressive DIY builds from SEMA 2018, “InZanity” - a 240Z unlike any you’ve ever seen before thanks to the work of Kyle Kuhnhausen.

In the spirit of spring time, we’ve also taken on some growing of our own. I’d like to introduce our new Performance Editor, Damir Pecenkovic. I’ll let him introduce himself.

As always, thanks for picking up the issue. Happy car season, everyone! See you out there.

Adam Gordon



It is with great excitement that I introduce myself to you as PASMAG's new Performance Editor. Some of you may know me from my time as Performance Tuner Magazine’s Editor in Chief, or as the driver of Circuit94’s #19 Mazda MX-5 Miata. For those of you who don’t know me, here I am in a nutshell: Car enthusiast, photographer, graphic designer, husband, father, and all-around car addict. I have a deep passion for cars and automotive culture, especially performance, racing, and modifying to improve on-track abilities. I drive a 2017 ND MX-5 Club 6MT with a decent amount of modifications, all centered around shaving seconds off of lap times. I absolutely love taking my ND out on a track and participating in time attack, time trials, autocross or any other type of racing I can get myself in to. I have spent a decent amount of time on track. Last year alone I participated in 22 different track day events, and had a chance to learn about my car and myself as a driver. This experience has taught me to better understand how to modify my car from a performance perspective, and has helped shape my taste in the aftermarket scene. I look forward to bringing another perspective to PASMAG for years to come, and hope to share with you my love for track driving and performance modding. Who knows, maybe I’ll even inspire a few of you to head out to your local track and become addicted like I am.

Damir Pecenkovic
PASMAG Performance Editor

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