PASMAG #155 (Style Book #6)

Double Up In Style

It's been quite a while since our last double issue. We figured with two of our most anticipated books of the year, it would be great to double-up and release a special jam-packed PASMAG for all of our readers. Contained in this extra thick issue of PASMAG is both PAS #155 and our annual ever-popular Style Book.

2019 PAS 155 Tuning Essentials Style 6 Cover

PASMAG #155 makes up the front-half of the magazine, crammed with a bunch of content centered around the ZC6/ZN6 chassis. All of you FR-S, BRZ, and 86 owners have been waiting for this one! To give you some inspiration on builds of your own, we’ve got three different 86 builds to follow, each one with their own unique spin on the platform. After that, don’t forget to take some notes from the 86 Buyer’s Guide section so you can see the latest and greatest offerings from brands throughout the industry.

Just like any other regular PASMAG issue, the front half of the book contains some of the latest event coverage, another PASMAG Reader’s Choice award, as well as some of our esteemed Tuner Battlegrounds #TBGLIVE winners. Then we dive into the cream of the crop with some of the most stylish features we’ve ever had. Many of our readers are familiar with Roadster Shop, one of the baddest shops on the planet! They offered up their insane “Road Rage” Camaro for a full feature - something we’ve been waiting for since we saw it on the floor of SEMA 2018. Another SEMA heavy hitter earned a feature as well: Jose Gonzalez’s Hakosuka - arguably one of the most stunning examples of the iconic JDM classic.

From there we sit down with industry icons, including Larry Chen, Jon Sibal, Air Lift Performance’s team, and the paint gurus at BASF - we’re breaking out all the heavy hitters for this one!

Once you’ve come down from the star-struck awe, the back-half of the book is chalk-full of style-oriented buyer’s guides. It’s all here: Lighting, Exterior, Interior, Suspension, Wheels, and Tires buyer’s guides, all tailored to offer you a look at some of the latest aesthetically pleasing modification options in the industry. This is one book we know you’ll come back to time and time again!

As always, thanks for reading. I hope we can give you the inspiration and resources to transform your latest project into something beautiful!

Adam Gordon

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