Pedal Commander PC10 Bluetooth

Pedal Commander PC10 Bluetooth

Nowadays, vehicles are notorious for their delayed throttle response. That's where the Pedal Commander comes in. These days, vehicles use a drive-by-wire system that monitors the position of the gas pedal to control the throttle electronically, similar to a dimmer switch. The problem with this setup is that the signal from the pedal has to first be sent the ECU, which in turn then sends the signal to the actuator motor that controls the throttle body itself. This delay is most noticeable when trying to speed up to merge with fast moving traffic or pass a slower moving car. However, the Pedal Commander Bluetooth Throttle Response Controller will eliminate that delayed throttled response, giving your vehicle a drastic night and day difference in performance.


  • Eco mode​ slows down the throttle response.
  • It allows you to maximize fuel economy up to 20% over the stock ratings. It also doubles as a valet mode to keep a driver (or even your newly licensed teenager) from being able to accelerate above a certain rate.


  • City mode​ is perfect for daily driving.
  • Many of their customers say that city mode allows the vehicle to accelerate as it should have from the factory. It gives you the response of an "old school" throttle cable with a 1:1 pedal-to-throttle acceleration ratio.


  • Sport Mode is favorite amongst spirited drivers who are looking to get-up-and-go.
  • This mode allows you to accelerate a lot quicker than Eco and City Mode, which can help you in various situations.


  • Sport+ mode​ is not for the light hearted!
  • Gives any vehicle the response and acceleration of a race car, allowing you to get up and go when you need to without waiting for the ECU to catch up to your foot. Perfect for spirited driving or on a race track. Please use with caution!

2-Year Product Warranty

Pedal Commander manufactures their Bluetooth Throttle Response Controller to the highest quality and standards with CE and TUV Certification. However in the event you do receive a defective or malfunctioning device, Pedal Commander will replace it free of charge within 2 years of the original purchase date. For more information, visit their warranty page.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Is your Pedal Commander unit in a hard to reach spot? Download their app to control your Pedal Commander unit through your smartphone via Bluetooth! Use your phone to easily switch between their 36 different modes. Their app is available now in the App Store and Google Play. To download or for more information about their app and bluetooth, visit the App page.

The Pedal Commander Throttle Response Controller connects directly into the stock throttle position sensor found on the drive-by-wire gas pedal using an OEM style plug and play connector with no permanent modifications required. The Pedal Commander is 100% reversible making it warranty friendly.


  • $299.99

For more information, visit

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