PASMAG Unboxing: BC Racing R-23-BR Coilovers

This Hot New Product: Unboxing comes courtesy of BC Racing. These BR Series coilovers are for an in-house build, a Lexus ES350. The BC Racing R-23-BR Coilover kit will fit a handful of models including the Lexus ES300h.

The BC Racing BR Series provides the most affordable entry-level coilover suspension option without compromising on handling, comfort, performance, or build quality. This is accomplished by thoroughly testing each vehicle and repeatedly fine-tuning the coilover characteristics to produce the most balanced and reasonably priced aftermarket suspension imaginable.

The front coilovers have integrated camber plates, and for some applications the rear camber plates are available.

Allen keys and adjustment wrenches are also included, as expected. For all integrated hardware, there are two—one large and one small. Due to the construction of these cars, they do include an integrated endlink attachment for your coilovers, which is a cool feature. The blue covering is made of plastic with a purpose to safeguard the bushings. The coilover's perch is where the endlinks are attached. Additionally, it has awesome extenders. Therefore, if your rear suspension can be adjusted, you can do it here. After positioning the coilover, you will mount that at the top. It comes with extenders that you can actually clip to the adjustment knob and retain there in order to make adjustment a little simpler in the case that you can't reach the adjustment knob, at least not easily. Although it's a great little touch by BC, it's a little simpler than squishing into the rear of your trunk or wherever this is truly protruding out at the end.

The BR Series in the entry-level into BC Racing, but it doesn't mean they cut corners on performance, usability, the lowest possible setting, or anything else. These are extremely neatly put together, in fact. The construction quality reveals this. We'll see in detail how expertly everything is welded. the entirety of the hardware's quality. The collars look great. Springs are quite lovely. If you're interested, BC does provide Swift spring upgrades and bespoke spring rates. I did it with my coilovers on my car, and I can say it was well worth it. I already noted the built-in adjusting knobs. This provides simultaneous rebound and dampening for 30 clicks. On the front and back, respectively. BC mentioned they offer customized spring rates if you have a special application or are doing something really specialized. These are merely the application's default spring rate. Nothing extravagant, but it will unquestionably do the job.

Additionally, BC offers the Extreme Low option. On an internal G37 build, we've installed BC coilovers in the past, and even though we didn't opt-in for the Extreme Low option, it was still more than appropriate and functioned incredibly well. This is the way to go if all you want to do is drive on the streets, but if you want to get ridiculously low, maybe that's more your style.

Because BC offers a one-year warranty against manufacturing flaws and these kits are completely rebuildable, we know BC stands behind their product. Therefore, rather than having to replace a complete coilover if something goes wrong, replacing a single component is simple enough.

All-in, the BC Racing BR Series coilover kit is really comprehensive for your vehicle at affordable entry-level prices, which is really nice especially when you consider the quality that you're getting. If you want to learn more about this product specifically or to see what BC Racing coilovers are available for your application, head on over to and you can see what they've got for your ride as well.

As seen on Tuning 365 TV (Season 3 Episode 7) on REV TV

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