Qvia QR790-S Dash Camera

Qvia QR790-S Dash Camera

The Qvia QR790-S dash camera records front and rear footage with Quad HD (2560x1440p) and Full HD (1920x1080p) resolution respectively at 30fps.

The front camera is fitted with a Sony STARVIS sensor, providing clear and vivid images both day and night to realize the highest video quality a dash camera can offer.


  • 2CH QHD+FHD 30fps
  • ADAS 2.0
  • Wi-Fi
  • Seat Vibrator & Second Monitor for ADAS (Optional)

The Highest Resolution QHD Dash Camera of QVIA

QR790-S provides QHD footage which has four times as many pixels as HD and double the pixels of Full HD. QHD footage of QR790-S records detailed footage of the surrounding of your vehicle in the most vivid and crispy way.

30mm UV Filter

A UV Filter does a great job protecting the dashcam lens to record vivid footage for a longer period of time.

Night Vision

With Image processing technology of Qvia Night Vision provides brighter images and enhanced image quality at night when videos are recorded on dark streets or in dark parking lots.

Upgraded ADAS 2.0

ADAS 2.0 is the upgraded version which is equipped with QR790-S to help drivers maximize safety at all times. LDWS, FCWS, and FCMD of ADAS 2.0 provide audio and visual alerts.


The Wi-Fi module in QR790-S allows quick and easy access to real-time and recorded footage on your smartphone. Both Android and iOS-powered devices are supported.

For more information, visit qviadashcam.net.

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